Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Blog!!

  So, I'm a terrible blogger....... It has been over a month since I last posted...... again..... I've been reading....and working on schoolwork.....and obviously always having excuses for why I keep forgetting to post.... So, just what I need is another blog to try and make posts for along with the other three that I already have!! My best friend Shels and I have created a blog for complete and total awesomeness! (Also known as unnameableness in our blog...XD) The link is in the list with the bunches of blogs that I already have on that list....But I'm also going to post the link here! Link!!
---------> The Blog of Ultimate Unnameableness

  Even though this was a week ago, I'm still going to tell you how Shels decided that pizza was better than me.....Somehow it was decided that Shels would rather have pizza over me.....she said that pizza doesn't sass back and that pizza also won't complain when you eat it......yes, I have incredibly strange friends......XD that I'm actually posting I can't think of what else I was going to say......This is why I've started putting notes on my laptop with ideas for blog posts! Well, I guess I'm done for now...Hopefully I'll post tomorrow! But I have four of my cousins over for the weekend, we're going to see my friends' play tomorrow night, and I'm going with some of my friends to see the Nutcracker ballet Sunday afternoon! Bye for now!!


Monday, November 9, 2015

Random Facts About Me!

Okay, so thanks to my wonderful randomizer app, I have decided to make a post with random facts about me! So let's see.... I'm gonna try to come up with ten....1. I'm five foot nine so I'm taller than every single one of my friends... 2. I can't go anywhere without my headphones and a book! Even if I know I'm probably not going to read the book, it still comes with me! 3. I love any sort of pasta! (I actually just had some for lunch!) 4. I'm trying very hard to grow out my nails and so far I'm doing well except for the fact that one of my nails broke last night....T.T 5. I currently have about five stories that are partially written because I keep coming up with new ideas and I don't want to forget them... 6. It is a rare time that I'm reading only one book at a time...(I'm currently in the middle of three...) 7. I almost always take my glasses off whenever I read... 8. For some reason I love checking the mail even though I rarely get any... 9. I'm currently watching the Disney XD show Lab Rats on Nettflix... and finally....10. I just recently made an Instagram account for my books...XD Okay! Coming up with those last few was pretty hard!!

BTW - So, the day before yesterday I only had five page views and then yesterday I had 38!!! I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but I think it's really awesome!!! I've been curious about who reads my blogs for a while now, so if you want, feel free to comment if you read them!! 

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Okay, so I am using this post to partially talk about how much I love mine and my friend's story that I'm writing, and partially brag about my best friend's artwork! Our story is a Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fanfiction about the children of the main characters which are called legacies! Therefore, the name of the story is called Legacies of Olympus! The bottom right pic is of Bianca di Angelo who's a legacy of Hades in our story! All three pics were drawn by one of my best friends and these three are also edits I did using my Picsart app! I hope you enjoy looking at them!

If you want to look at more of my friend's amazing drawings, go to this link! - ChibiofCuteness
And if you want to check out Legacies of Olympus, you can find it here! - The Legacies of Olympus



Sunday, November 1, 2015


  Well.....I'm back....again.... Apparently a month away from home with a brand new baby to cuddle and a ton of schoolwork to stress over makes you completely forget the fact that you have a blog.....or two in my I'm very sorry for forgetting to post!! I finally got back home on Monday after being in Indiana for over a month and visiting my aunt in Kentucky for a week! It was a lot of fun and I got lots of baby cuddles but I'm definitely happy to be home since we had to leave my dad and pets behind!
  I got to see my best friends Shelby, Abby, and Lilly for the first time in over a month this past Thursday! We started part one of our Marvel movie marathon that we're doing because I've never seen all of the movies and I really want to! We're watching them in chronological order so we watched the first Captain America and the first Iron Man movie, which were both very good but I wouldn't say I loved either of them... we were supposed to watch Iron Man 2 Thursday too but we had a late start and played two board games so we ran out of time to watch that one....
  I just realized I'm using paragraphs in a blog post for the first time ever.....0.o.....Okay then......well, I think this is it for now!! Hopefully I'll actually remember to post from now on!! I'll try to post every day, but it depends on my schoolwork... :/
  Oh!! And happy Halloween!!! The pic on the right is a pic of my Halloween card that my parents gave me along with the present that was in it! ^_^ And the left pic is one I edited using my Picsart app that I'm currently addicted to...XD

  BTW - I would've posted this earlier, but I went trick or treating with my one year old cousin Lennox and Lainey, which was a lot of fun! I forgot how fun trick or treating was!!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'm back!!! Again!!

I'm back again!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Missing a couple days of doing my schoolwork has got me really behind so I've been trying to catch up these past few days! I got all of my Writing, Chemistry, and Spanish finished until next week, and hopefully I'll be able to get all caught up in Literature, Geometry, and Geography tomorrow! I have Google Chrome on my laptop now! The main reason was because I wanted to be able to personalize my homepage! XD I really like how Chrome is set up and it's definitely my favorite browser to use out of the ones I have on my laptop! (I have like four...) Also, my s.d. card in my phone ran out of space so I had to buy a new one the other day...I'm pretty sure it's a sad day when you have eleven albums on your phone where the second biggest one currently has 21 pics (my family album, filled with new niece pics! ^_^) and yet the biggest album is the Percy Jackson album that currently has 57 pics.....XD In case you haven't realized yet, I'm a huge fan.....I'm over halfway through with The Blood of Olympus (last book in the Heroes of Olympus series!!!) right now and I'm both really excited and really sad to finish it!! I'm not too sad though because I know I'm going to reread these books soon! XD Most of my family calls me weird because I reread books, but if I love a book/book series I'm going to read it again! A lot of my friends do it too! I'm leaving for Indiana soon and we're staying for a month so I'm bringing The Blood of Olympus (If I don't finish it before we leave!) and all four of the books in the Maze Runner series so I should have enough books to last me until I get back...Who knows, I might just bring another book with me just in case! Even if those four don't last me, I have my kindle and the kindle app on my phone that I can read on! I have to bring The Maze Runner series with me because I have to read The Kill Order, The Maze Runner (again!), and The Scorch Trials! At least! Three of my best friends and I are planning to watch The Scorch Trials when I get back but we're determined to wait until I get back, our shirts come in (my friend Abby is ordering customized shirts for all of us!), and I finish The Scorch Trials!! I don't like watching the movie without reading the book if it's something I really like so I really want to read the book while I'm gone! Man, this post was long! Which is totally awesome because this rarely happens and I love it when it does! I'll try and post again tomorrow but I'm not sure if I'll get the chance with schoolwork and the fact that I'm probably going to have to start packing tomorrow... Night!


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Phone Charm!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while!! I have a lot of schoolwork!! So my best friend Shelby spent the night on Friday and she gave me this absolutely adorable phone charm! I love it sooo much!! I really wanna come up with a name for it.... Perhaps I shall think of a name while I attempt to write!! I might post again tonight if I can figure out another post! 


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

School Again!!

Well, today was officially my first day of 10th grade.....I can't decide if I'm excited or not! There are certain subjects I'm really looking forward to, and certain subjects I could live my whole life without doing and be perfectly happy! I'm pretty excited about Creative Writing (Hopefully it'll help me with my stories!!), Spanish, and Geography...I don't particularly want to deal with Geometry....and I'm not quite sure about Chemistry and American Literature yet....Normally Literature would definitely be in the list of courses that I'm excited about, but one of the first things I have to do is read the Declaration of Independence which I'm not really looking forward to....but who knows? Maybe I'll start reading the Declaration and love it! I'm sure it could happen! (Probably not though...XD) On the bright side though, I get to read The Great Gatsby this year which I'm kinda excited for because I've never read it and I'm really curious now! As for Chemistry, I'll definitely have to wait to get into it before I decide my opinion on it...for the next couple of weeks it looks like it's only going to be mostly videos for me to watch, but who knows what will happen later on...I just realized it barely sounds like I'm still homeschooled....XD But there's multiple ways to tell that I am...1. My blog is still named "The Life of a Homeschooler" and 2. I'm writing a blog post at four in the morning.... Don't think I could do that if I was in public school! Okay, I probably need to go to bed now because I have three of my besties coming over tomorrow to visit before I go to Indiana to wait for my niece to be born!! Night!!