Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Blog!!

  So, I'm a terrible blogger....... It has been over a month since I last posted...... again..... I've been reading....and working on schoolwork.....and obviously always having excuses for why I keep forgetting to post.... So, just what I need is another blog to try and make posts for along with the other three that I already have!! My best friend Shels and I have created a blog for complete and total awesomeness! (Also known as unnameableness in our blog...XD) The link is in the list with the bunches of blogs that I already have on that list....But I'm also going to post the link here! Link!!
---------> The Blog of Ultimate Unnameableness

  Even though this was a week ago, I'm still going to tell you how Shels decided that pizza was better than me.....Somehow it was decided that Shels would rather have pizza over me.....she said that pizza doesn't sass back and that pizza also won't complain when you eat it......yes, I have incredibly strange friends......XD that I'm actually posting I can't think of what else I was going to say......This is why I've started putting notes on my laptop with ideas for blog posts! Well, I guess I'm done for now...Hopefully I'll post tomorrow! But I have four of my cousins over for the weekend, we're going to see my friends' play tomorrow night, and I'm going with some of my friends to see the Nutcracker ballet Sunday afternoon! Bye for now!!


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